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The Atlanta Drupal Users Group (ADUG) brings together individuals with an interest in Drupal.  We promote participation, collaboration and information sharing among members, providing a vibrant interactive environment where members can collectively discuss ideas, solve problems and share best practices for Drupal development.

New!  Now hosted at Acquia.

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Drupal 7 Launch Party - January 7th at Five Seasons

Thanks Utzu Logigan for these photos from the Drupal 7 Launch Party.

Atlanta Drupal Users Group at Drupal 7 launch party







ADUG Website Development Diary - Part I

This first installment of the ADUG Website Development Diary will focus on the modules that are being utilized within this site.  The early stages of almost every Drupal project involves the sometimes onerous task of evaluating which contributed modules are suitable to meet the goals of the project.  The development of this website was no different.  The following briefly discusses the reasoning behind and each of core and contributed modules that work together to deliver the ADUG Website.
Prior to launch I can provide the information outlined above.

ADUG Website Development Diary - Part II

Welcome to Atlanta Drupal's website, version 2.  I would like to thank Russell Winters for the fantastic work he contributed to ADUG in developing this site's initial design.  It's a fantastic step up from the prior version and offers much promise for future development.

My current work is centered around adding new content and events, updating member rosters, and finalizing initial website design.  Soon, this site will be hosted by Drupal's commercial arm, Acquia.  We need all current ADUG members to chip in and take Russell's initial work to the next level.

Let's integrate Meetup.com into our new website!

ADUG members have debated for months on the best way to display and manage upcoming events.  Meetup.com has such a powerful toolkit for managing events, that it seems a shame to reinvent the wheel on our own ADUG site.

Here comes the Meetup API to the rescue!